Sponsor An Inmate

What Does A Sponsor Do?

The Sponsorship program is designed to get Church Prison ministries involved with the inmates’ total rehabilitation. Their sole responsibility is to purchase the books for those who are unable to secure sponsors. The books are written by African/African-American scholars whom NABSIO has written curriculum around. It outlines how ignorance of one’s own cultural history contributes to making wrong choices — choices that often leave the Black man or woman incarcerated.

Through the moving stories of Danielle, Tyisha, and many others, the reader will come to understand how entire lives, and the lives of family members, can be ruined with the stroke of a judge’s pen.

This historic viewpoint of an elder will transcend and impact generations for the next thousand years chronicling the struggle of Afrikan-Americans in the “Belly of the Beast!”

Sponsorship Program

Your help is needed to raise money for books on African-American History’s “Each One, Reach One, to Teach One!”

How it Works:

  • · If you know someone incarcerated, contact NABSIO with name and location information

  • · We will inform the inmate that someone wishes to sponsor them in our African Studies course

  • · Your name and address will always remain confidential, if you prefer

  • · If you do not know anyone incarcerated someone will be assigned to you

  • · The study guides and final exams are administered by NABSIO correspondently