Welcome to NABSIO

Our California 501(c)(3), the National Association of Brothers & Sisters In and Out (NABSIO), was founded in 1992 by Dr. Donald Ray Evans Sr., C.E.O and Co-founder Nathaniel Perkins-Ali (deceased) out of a desire to teach African-American prisoners their history. Their families, and all other persons associated with the prison system, are encouraged to join us in addressing functional illiteracy and cultural ignorance of the incarcerated African-American.

The NABSIO Mission

It is the philosophy of the National Association of Brothers and Sisters In and Out (NABSIO) that every prison is a university and every cell is a classroom. It is NABSIO’s continued effort, as a prison ministry, to carry on our original and main function which is to eliminate illiteracy in the prison system and assist inmates/parolees with educational and civic engagement reentry skill workshops.

Our special emphasis, as it relates towards speaking panels and government entities, is in the area of Civic Engagement because every released inmate should be empowered to express themselves in the area of where their needs are mattered most. They are offered training in civic engagement which therein becomes their voice for defining resources. The prison system, formerly known as the California Department of Corrections, is now known as the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. These educational workshops will empower the inmates/parolees to believe that they can accomplish their goals once they overcome functional barriers such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and reasoning thereby becoming marketable and employable for a decent, prevailing-wage job. NABSIO specifically targets those inmates/parolees who have never finished high school or received their GED or whose letter-writing skills are at or below a 4th grade level. NABSIO believes that education and civic engagement is the ultimate access towards the inmate receiving rehabilitation and as such NABSIO’s missions and programs focus on education and mentorship, transitioning parolees into the workplace and community engagement.

Our target market for education and civic engagement are inmates/parolees within California.

The NABSIO Goals

  • · Reduce functional illiteracy among Black inmates.
  • · Reduce cultural ignorance among Black inmates.
  • · Reduce Black on Black violence among Black inmates.
  • · End prison guard abuse against all inmates within the PIC.
  • · End unlawful medical neglect of inmates.
  • · Eliminate all Security Housing Units (SHU).
  • · End prison prejudice against Black inmates.
  • · Reduce recidivism among Black inmates.
  • · Establish NABSIO’s collective voice throughout the internet representing all inmates and family members in this organization.
  • · Establish legal guidance for indigent inmates, and their families.
  • · Establish an entrepreneurial fund for family trainees and inmates upon release with qualification.
  • · Establish Journey/Transitional Housing for needy participants upon release.