Inmate Letter Writing

West Coast
We currently have a letter writing campaign in Southern California with California Institute for Men (CIM), California Institute for Women (CIW), California Rehabilitation Center (CRC), and the Terminal Island Federal Prison. We find out the inmate’s need and either assist or refer them to an appropriate resource. Ask your loved ones to inquire about our services. Come help us with our work. We are a 501(c)(3) volunteer organization and we meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month in Los Angeles. Please contact us for the next meeting time and location. It’s all about the family so do come out and join us. Let’s educate, empower, strengthen, and direct our families in a positive direction.

East Coast
Please contact Dr. Evans or the East Coast staff directly Post Office Box 129, Mound Bayou, MS 38762 E-mail: Dr. Donald Ray Evans Sr.