Prison Advocacy

NABSIO is a prison advocacy group that works to transition recently released felons into mainstream society by providing job training, character development and other resources as needed. This also includes the families of those felons, while in jail or out, with emphasis on their children and the future of those children. Reliable studies show that those who are incarcerated have a higher chance of their children also being involved with the corrections system than those who were never locked up. Our objective is to prevent negative familial history from repeating itself. Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr., is available to visit any institution, juvenile facility, jail, or prison, to speak to inmates about important life and transitional issues.

Lectures and Programs (More topics available upon request.)

  • · African and African-American history and culture

  • · A review of Michelle Alexander’s, “The New Jim Crow”

  • · Issues of race in the 21st century

  • · A historical overview of mass incarceration movements

  • · How to build your family relationships inside and out

  • · An overview of community and neighborhood development

  • · What to do upon being released