NABSIO, a California 501(C)(3), would like to thank you for for your willingness to contribute towards the needs of our incarcerated brothers, sisters, their children, and family members as we endeavor to assist them in their transition from prison into mainstream society by providing job training, character development and other resources as needed. It means so much to us just knowing that you believe in this cause and are willing to reach out to ease their struggle and encourage them along the way.

For us to advocate for for your friends, family, and associates in the prison system effectively, we collect information from a variety of sources — people living in prison, their loved ones, and other associates who are advocating for them. If your loved one or associate needs assistance in any of the areas below, please contact us.

Education assessment
Reading skills and reading comprehension
Writing skills to tell their story (letters, stories, books, poetry, songs, rap, etc.)
Cultural history
Oral expression skills
Anger management
Children at home (literacy, financial, etc.)
Work skills assessment
Training opportunities
Tools for rehabilitation
Preparation for the parole hearing
Civic engagement tools for expressing their needs