09/01/16-Obama Commutes Dannielle Metz’ 3 life sentences

At age 26 in 1993, while her daughter was 3 and her son was 7, Danielle Metz was sentenced to three life sentences plus 20 years. She was married at 18 to Glenn who was 30 and evidence suggests she never knew her husband was involved with drugs. She was arrested, tried, and convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Her daughter, now 26, initiated a clemency petition on change.org and gathered 60,000 signatures. SEE ADDITIONAL DETAILS: http://www.candoclemency.com/danielle-metz/ Tuesday, President Obama commuted prison sentences for 111 people, 35 of whom were serving life sentences. After more than two decades of trying, Danielle Metz’ name finally made it on that list. She’ll be released from prison Dec. 28, 2016. During the month of August, President Obama commuted the prison sentences of 325 people. He has granted clemency to 673 people since he took office.