10/22/15-Unity Sunday Starts NAAFRA Million Dollar Perpetual Unity Fund

PRESS RELEASE — Unity Sunday is November 8, 2015.

The NAAFRA UNITY SUNDAY OPERATIONAL PLAN with the blessing of our Heavenly Father, is moving forward collectively to activate the growing officially of our ‘NAAFRA Million Dollar Perpetual Unity Fund’ the monetary strength, needed to begin bringing into reality the resources needed to officially announce the Black Church and Black Family America is firmly positioned as the vanguard in our family movement; for any and all, actions taken to remove all impoverished conditions from the life circumstances of far too many of our families.

In the activation process November 8, 2015 is the official date for all churches to be registered in our ‘Umbrella of Churches in Support of Our Unity Sunday Plan’ at NAAFRA.ORG. In this most historic day, to make their first ($1) donation to be deposited in the 100 Million Dollar Perpetual Unity Fund PayPal Account, for the purpose of financing (paying the cost) to begin the long process to replace poverty with a plateau of plenty.

Mound Bayou, Mississippi is the historic townsite where this historic change is now coming into view. From this oldest Black Townsite in America from July 12, 1887 to the present day. Our Family Movement’s Field Headquarters, jewel of the Greater Delta of the stat of Mississippi. Our NAAFRA staff is in full agreement with our beloved brother James Clingman that, “The appropriate response to those who transgress against us must be grounded in economics” Without our family movement moving into the reality of building our membership to a Marcus Garvey size number, we can never get to the point where leverage, can become an effective to be used against those who transgress against us.

November 8, 2015 where all talk ends, and action begins, to get our Black Church/Black Family involved in growing our Unity Fund and membership numbers in response to our President’s clarion call for help in eliminating all poverty from the lifestyles of far too many American families. With this our family plan fully operational, the formerly incarcerated family member will not have to feel the pain of being stigmatized, because, they will know in advance their family is waiting to take them back into the family. The shame, as our beloved brother Dorsey Nunn, co-founded “All of Us or None” himself a formerly incarcerated individual once put it, “The biggest hurdle you gatta get over when you walk out those prison gates is shame—-that shame, that stigma, that label, that thing that you wear around your neck saying ‘I’m a criminal.’ It’s like a yoke around your neck, and it’ll drag you down, even kill you if you let it. Fixing this problem and others that are burdensome to the family, will become less burdensome once the Church Family movement is focused on bringing it under control of this plan. TIME FOR TALK IS OVER! (NOTE: this is a tax deductible contribution.)


SOURCE: Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr., Founder/President
The National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association (NAAFRA)
website – www.NAAFRA.org
email – Dr.DREvans@aol.com