02/16/16-Community Legal Research w/Alternative to Violence Project (AVP)

The Community Legal Research Center is a proud partner member of AVP and would like to take this time to ask someone to facilitate a meeting or attend a basic and advanced training meeting by attending AVP’s sessions in Santa Monica or in various areas of the State. From time to time, AVP has meetings on training and on general sessions knowledge in various places within Los Angeles County to help one learn the nature of AVP, how it got started, and particulars such as transforming power, affirmations, trust the process, and other key elements of the AVP philosophy. The President of Community Legal Research Center, Michael Chattom, learned under Doug and Diana Couch — probably the best trainers in the state. They usually go to the Statewide and National (America) conferences and are usually the Top facilitators in the World competition. For now, I would strongly urge those that have people still locked up in Prison with violence problems to participate in AVP. Please take time to learn and make it your business to share information about AVP (The Alternatives to Violence Project) with your incarcerated loved ones. This self help program helps address issues of violence that incarcerated people may be facing — especially LIFERS who have indeterminate sentences hanging above their heads.