07/30/15-Black Church and Black Family Standing Together

PRESS RELEASE — Black Church / Black Family Standing Together. The urgency of the moment.

The urgency of the moment requires that this missive be placed in full view of Black Clergy/Black Church Family America. When horrific evil lift its hands against people of good will, there must by necessity be a powerful response by all people of good will. To man up against this un-American behavior.

One way Black Church America can stand up against this evil behavior is to come together by moving forward with a plan that calls for church and family to work together. Leading the building of our ‘100 Million Dollar Perpetual Development Fund’ to be used to build infrastructure, create new jobs, bring formerly incarcerated family members back into the family unit, produce more products to become less consumers, that will make it possible to increase our life span by eating healthier food to be provided by these resources, and bringing our children into Saturday Safety Zones away from the kill crazy gun nuts of all hues. As we teach them how to live and value their lives while building a better future.

A plan is already on the table, for Black Church/Black Family to move forward to either embrace, or continue to accept the ‘status quo’ that holds our people in a slave mentality state of mind. That has far too many of our people in an incarcerated poverty condition, and we the people hold the key to set them free, or leave them as they are. People, we are in a state of mental warfare and it is time to accept the blessing of our Heavenly Father, and use our collective strength and resources, to heed our President’s clarion call to put more energy into eliminating all poverty in America.

Black Church/Black Family America, this plan is not asking you to stand alone, in facing this evil force that has lifted its head against our people. You are only asked to take the vanguard position in this ‘Army of Good Will’ for positive change. Standing to your right is the full Hip-Hop Nation that will move in lock step with you Black Church/Black Family America. You are not alone!

If you were privileged to view the ‘2015 BET Entertainment Spectacular’ you witnessed a glimpse of Black Folk America’s gift of ‘song’. On stage was such power in full view of what’s possible. When our behavior change from the existence of divisiveness, to one full of collective love and togetherness as New Afrikans. We are New Afrikans for having survived the worst ‘holocaust’ known to the history of man. Thus, we are in deed New Afrikans, but also first class citizens of our America.

Were you listening when our brother Smokey Robinson responded to the question, “What do you attribute your greatness to as a song writer?” Without hesitation he responded “love.” If you have a problem with that response, try letting your mind step into the eye of his “Quiet Storm” and still your spirit to listen that you may understand our blessing of the gift of “song”.” Love. Was not love what was shown to our queen mother in training ‘Janet’ when she walked on stage, after being absent for a period of time? She is royalty of one of our musical families, ‘The Jacksons’ and we love them. Sister to the one, and only Michael Jackson, that we dearly love. Not because he was without a doubt, one of the greatest musical talents that ever lived. That isn’t all, he was more than a musical talent, he was a deeply compassionate humanitarian. In 1985, when there was a widespread starvation in Ethiopia and the Sudan, our Michael felt their pain; just as our President feels the pain of our American families in poverty. Michael joined another of our people’s great musical talents, our dearly beloved brother Lionel Ritchie to give us a small touch of their genius shown in the heart moving song. “We Are The World”. When placed in the hands of their big brother Quincy Jones making it possible for many artists to record and video tape their collaboration that netted millions. Saving many lives in those African countries.

If it become necessary that this 87 year old WWII, Korean, Vietnam and MMM veteran ask you Black Church/Black Family America, to come together in a workable plan that permit all Black Americana to amplify the President’s clarion call, then consider it done. I Beg you to put our divisiveness behavior behind us, and move forward to save our nation before these evil hate filled individuals, destroy our country from within. By coming together in this plan on the table, “The National Afrikan Amerikan Family Reunion Association”, we first heal ourselves, making it possible to have a great leverage influence in healing our country.

Thus, I again beg the Black Churches that will come forward and work together to begin building a stronger America. An America that truly lives up to her potential to protect all of her people as first class citizens. Citizens that must use our time wisely, and be not afraid to say ‘We need our police’. We don’t need and will not tolerate corrupt, racist police departments anywhere in our nation.

We must use our time left to develop a new way of trusting, that will be born out of our Black Church/ Black Family ending our divisive behavior. That often sends out negative information enabling others, to mistakenly think some evil act that murders our family members, will cause some senseless act on our part and result in a large number of deaths among our people, is racist stupidity, born in the hearts of those with terrorist intent.

For literally doing little or nothing to show our Heavenly Father how much we appreciated the blessing of our President being able to come center stage in the beginning, we didn’t get the job done when he came in the door of the white house. We damn sure plan to get it done before its time for him to depart center stage. So YES, Mr. President we do indeed have your back. People, we know that our brother Michael Jackson is gone, who among the masses of our people in the entertainment world will step up to replace our brother in a new collaboration expressing our ‘Love’ in a ‘We Are Love’ song bringing us together for the purpose of building our”100 Million Dollar Perpetual Development Fund”.

The writer of this press release has no more words to put forward with the exception of ‘To God Be The Glory’ and please Heavenly Father, “Bless Our Country And Keep it Safe”!

dr_donald_evans_naafra-149x125 Respectfully, Dr. Donald R. Evans, Sr. Founder/President www.naafra.org.